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Maryland’s First and Only True Salt Cave

Known for its miraculous healing properties our Himalayan Salt Cave is an amazing & special place to start your true journey to self healing. Our Himalayan Salt has been hand mined in the Himalayas and comes to us pure and unadulterated with all its mineral and healing properties intact. With its naturally enriched 84 mineral micro-climate, our Salt Cave is a unique setting that allows your mind & body to start its healing journey. Relax, Re-balance & Recover. Nature is the most powerful healer.

Located in the heart of Bethesda
(Next door to the Hyatt Hotel & the Bethesda Metro) 

 In Honor and Celebration of our Moms,
We extend an invitation for a limited time only

Join us for High Tea in the Salt Cave,

then enjoy either a 60 min 
Massage / Reflexology / Healing Touch Session
$135 pp   ( A 2 hour service)

This deal is limited and will only be offered for sale until May 8th. This service is not available this Mother’s Day. Certain times and availability apply as it is a High Tea that is being offered in the Salt Cave. Purchases will be valid for a 90 day period.

May you and your mom have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

May Massage Specials:

Bodywork Deal of the Month
60 Min Massage / Reflexology / Healing Touch session
with a 45 min Salt Cave Session
 $99 pp – $150 value

Ultimate Detox & Purification Package:
60min Massage
30min Amethyst BioMat Session
30 min Ionic Detox Foot Bath
45 min Salt Cave Session
$185pp – $250 Value
(Shop Here)

Welcome to Bethesda Salt Cave

Call 301-312-6377 for more info!

Weekly Specials and Events:

Mondays: Mommy & Me Salt Cave 10am-11am & 4pm-5pm
Wednesdays: $15 Salt Cave Sessions! All day
Thursdays: $20 Salt Cave Sessions! All day.
Thursdays: Vinyasa Flow Yoga in the Salt Cave. 6pm-7pm
Saturdays: Mindful Meditation Sessions $35, 5pm-6pm

Events: May 2016

2nd @6:00-7:00pm-Terrie Christine- Group Energy Clearing
8th @5:00-6:30pm-Donna Adams- Self Chakra Connection
14th @4:00-5:00pm- Terrie Christine- Group Energy Clearing
17th @6:00-7:30pm- Donna Adams- Self Chakra Connection
22nd @4:00-5:00pm- Terrie Christine- Group Energy Clearing
29th @5:00-6:30pm-Donna Adams-Self Chakra Connection

May Class Specials:

 Absolutely Awesome Group Class offerings for this Mother’s Day month:

Slow & Gentle Yoga:
2 for the price of 1 – $35

Friday Meditation by Candlelight:
Join us for an easy breathing meditation session
that teaches simple meditation techniques.
Learn how to use a Tibetan sound bowl or chimes.
2 for the price of 1 – $35

Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique:
Allow Bev to take you through a protocol, which in its simplicity
is taught to everyone from Medical Doctors and Nurses to
teams of Navy Seals to assist them with stress management
and de-escalating their own stress.
$55   –  ($75 value)

Self Chakra Connection:
Ever wondered how the Chakra energy centers connect,
or even what they are? Join Donna for the Self Chakra Connection
guided meditation of self discovery and healing. Learn what the Chakras are
and how to access them to facilitate your own healing.
$55   –  ($75 value)

Energy Clearing with Terrie:
 This very powerful group energy clearing session will shift your blocks
that are holding you back because that is what many others before
you are experiencing.  Salt has negative ions that help you resist less in
releasing negative blocks and due to the fact the less you resist,
the more you’ll free yourself from hurt, pain, frustration
and anger. Book now to live a more happy, abundant life.